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January 3, 2013
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Godwin's Law by N7-Commander Godwin's Law by N7-Commander
Honestly, you have to be a complete fucktard if you think abortion is like the Holocaust, it's not even close, is abortion genocide? Fuck no, is the Holocaust genocide? Fuck yes.

Saves lives
Saves money
Saves time

6 million Jews killed
Millions of people in general killed, sentient people infact

The Holocaust killed over 6 million sentient people, Abortions save lives, fetuses aren't even sentient at all, ask yourself this, would you rather have a sentient being saved, OR would you rather have a sentient being saved so a fetus can live a shitty life?

Honestly, people can be fucktards, especially pro-lifers but we all know they're mental fucktards anyway.
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OhKelseyYou Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I had some ladies showing a really graphic image of an aborted fetus right outside of my school after school on Monday. They were handing out small magazines that basically said "ABORTION IS THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST DURR!!!"

I only grabbed one because one of the ladies shoved it in my way and I didn't want to be rude. I just left it with my friend for her to destroy it.
Sccaggs Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep. Do people even know what a genocide is? 
Maxtheboss2 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Just a note: 3-5 million other minorities like Poles, Gays, Slavs, were killed too. 
Not going against you though :)
PlusHeight4PlusGut Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please disregard the pro-life people who have left comments.  Nothing is worse than the Holocaust.  I used to say EVERYTHING was equal to or worse than the Holocaust, and now I regret it.
SingBing Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am not intending to be rude, I respect your freedom to have an opinion, and would ask you to respect mine as well.

Why would you compare abortion to the Holocaust? They are two completely unrelated topics, both sick and twisted, and saying abortion is not an issue because it wasn't as bad as the Holocaust is ignorant and wrong. Yes, the Holocaust was tragic and absolutely terrible, but so is abortion. As humans, we have the right to live, but these aborted fetuses were never given the chance. Even if they were born disabled, they are still humans who have the same right to be on this earth as you do. 

I would also like to point out that everyone who supports abortion is already born. Hm.
T0m1n8or Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Hypocritical, isn't it?  People supporting abortion when they are born already? 

In any case, abortion is much worse than the Holocaust.  The Holocaust has killed 5 million minorities and 6 million Jews.  Ever since Roe v. Wade, there's an estimate of 55 million abortions served in America alone.  And pro-choicers consider a fetus as a parasite or something considered NOT alive?
dialga789 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014

(Just putting this out there, this is going to be a VERY long response. Trust me, it’s over 1000 words and took up 4 pages in word. If you honestly don't want to read it all of it and completely ignore it, please don't bother replying.)

Were those 11 million people sentient, born and a human being? Yes. Are fetuses? No.

May I just say though that during the Holocaust, a brave Jewish woman called Gisella Perl performed abortions for pregnant people?



A fetus does not meet the requirements to be called a human being. Just having human DNA is not enough for a fetus to be called a human being. It is not autonomous, sentient or born nor does it have a conscience, like a born human being.

I'm not saying that a fetus is not alive nor am I calling it a parasite as that is incorrect. However, that does not give it the right to use someone's body, resources or organs without continuous consent. Even already born people are not allowed to use someone's body, organs or resources without consent, which is why you aren't forced to give blood or forced donate organs.


Just in case you or someone else replies:


"Abortion is MURDER"

Here is the definition of murder:





The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

(Source: From Google)


Abortion is not murder as, a fetus is not a human being. A human being is born, sentient and autonomous. A fetus is not.


There is lack of malice. People get abortions for a number of reasons:


~Lack of finances to care for family,

~Contraception failure,


~Serious medical condition,

~Mental illness,

~Pregnancy would get in the way of school/work,

~Lack of sex education,

~Or they simply do not want to be pregnant as they do not feel ready.

(Sources:……… )


There is no premeditation. Seriously, people do not get pregnant just for an abortion.


You have a lawful excuse for an abortion. No one, born or unborn has the right to use your body, resources or internal organs without continuous consent, regardless of the reason's or circumstance's.


"If abortion is not murder, then why is it that when a pregnant person is killed, the criminal is charged with double homicide?"

Double homicide was put in place by the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA) in order to further punish the murderer for their crime, that’s it. Part of the Act states that this cannot be used to punish anyone who may obtain an abortion as it is a safe and legal medical procedure.

Furthermore, not every country/state uses double homicide in cases of a pregnant person’s murder, those that do only consider it double homicide if the fetus was considered viable.

Part of the Act itself:


Sec. 1841 subsection (A) 2.C:

”If the person engaging in the conduct thereby intentionally kills or attempts to kill the unborn child, that person shall instead of being punished under subparagraph (A), be punished as provided under sections 1111, 1112, and 1113 of this title for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being.”

1111 being that of murder, 1112 manslaughter, 1113 attempt of murder or manslaughter.

Within the same act, under subsection (C):

”Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the prosecution—


(1) of any person for conduct relating to an abortion for which the consent of the pregnant woman, or a person authorized by law to act on her behalf, has been obtained or for which such consent is implied by law;


(2) of any person for any medical treatment of the pregnant woman or her unborn child; or


(3) of any woman with respect to her unborn child.”


“Well, why not just put the baby in the adoption system!!”

Adoption is a way out of parenting, not pregnancy.


”A baby/child has a heartbeat at 18 days!”

Aaaaaand…your point is what exactly? Just because it has a heartbeat does not mean it can use someone’s body without consent.

Also, it’s not a baby/child. A baby/child is born. A fetus is not. Seriously, it’s a fetus until birth.


”Consent to sex is consent to pregnancy!”

No it is not. I consented to sex, not pregnancy. Even if it were consent, CONSENT CAN BE REVOKED AT ANY TIME!!

For example, I make out with my partner and I ask them to stop for whatever reason. My partner keeps on going, despite me not consenting to it. That is invading my rights as I asked them to stop, therefore I did not give them consent to continue.

It’s the same with pregnancy. I got pregnant but shit happens and:

~I lose my job and do not have the money to look after me and my family, let alone another child. So I choose to abort.

~A medical complication pops up with either me, the fetus or both of us. So I choose to abort.

~I have a mental illness and I am not able to care for myself during a pregnancy nor am I mentally capable of caring for a child. So I choose to abort.

~I take medication which would cause serious health issues to the fetus and could potentially result in a miscarriage or disability later on. So I choose to abort.

Etc etc...

Furthermore, sex is not always used to procreate. Many people have sex to feel pleasure, express their love for their partner or, because it’s fun, it feels good and that people want to please their partner.  


As well as this, sex has been proven to decrease stress levels, lower heart attack risk, improve the immune system,  and improve sleep.



”If you didn’t want to be pregnant, you should have kept your legs closed!!!”

Misogyny. Misogyny everywhere. Why do I never hear “he shouldn’t have put his dick in her vagina” or “he should have kept his dick in his pants”? Oh, and your also completely ignoring victims who were raped. Congrats.


Just so you know, I support the choices that people make, whether they abort, continue with the pregnancy or place it in the adoption system.

You choose to continue the pregnancy because *insert reason here*? Good luck! I support you and I wish you and your family the best future.

You choose abortion because *insert reason here*? Fine with me! If that is your decision, I will support you.

You choose adoption because *insert reason here*? Alrighty then! If that is what you feel is best for you, I will support you.

Eh, there's probably mistakes in this but meh. I really couldn't care less, i'm hungry and my dinner is about to be served, cheerio. 

T0m1n8or Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
And yet women die or, in a way, decay after they had an abortion more than anything else, don't they?  I understand why some men and women want abortion and, though I find the excuses of wanting abortion irresponsible and irritating, I'm still against abortion, on the grounds that life begins at conception.  What I don't understand is the lack of hindsight and careful considerations when women suffer the mental, physical, and, if you're religious, spiritual side effects.

The physical side effects include death; increased risk of cervical, ovarian, and liver cancers; uterine perforation (which creates complications and medical conditions including osteoporosis); cervical lacerations; placenta previa (a life threatening condition that includes severe bleeding, fetal malformation, and prenatal death); increased risk of having newborn babies born handicapped in later pregnancies; ectopic pregnancies, resulting in less fertility or infertility; Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID); Endometritis; immediate complications including the following: "The nine most common major complications which can occur at the time of an abortion are: infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, ripping or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, and endotoxic shock. The most common “minor” complications include: infection, bleeding, fever, second degree burns, chronic abdominal pain, vomiting, gastro-intestinal disturbances, and Rh sensitization." (El, 2012); and lowering of the general health (80% for physical health and 180% for psychological health).

"In a study of post-abortion patients only 8 weeks after their abortion, researchers found that 44% complained of nervous disorders, 36% had experienced sleep disturbances, 31% had regrets about their decision, and 11% had been prescribed psychotropic medicine by their family doctor." (El, 2012).  The mental side effects include depression to the point of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction (loss of pleasure from intercourse, increased pain, an aversion to sex and/or males in general, or the development of a promiscuous life-style), Post-Dramatic Stress Disorders, child abuse, increased smoking with negative health effects, chronic relationship problems and divorce, and repetitive abortions.

You speak of rights.  What about women's health?  What about morality?  You say there is lack of malice, but many overlook the fact that abortion creates even more malice in the long-term.

dialga789 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014

The site you posted is out of date and complete biased pro life bullshit. Look at the sources and the dates in which they were written/published. Seriously, 1979? 1977? 1990? 1980? If you’re going to source statistics, at least make sure it’s unbiased and up to date. The websites and sources I use have information from health websites or government websites that are unbiased and actually post up to date, correct information which is collected by professionals and studies which have been peer reviewed. I hope you would have done the same, but it’s just the same crap over and over again with you people. Oh, just so you know, linking to LifeSiteNews and other pro life websites are not proper sources.  

Honestly, very few women die from an abortion.

“• The risk of death associated with abortion increases with the length of pregnancy, from one death for every one million abortions at or before eight weeks to one per 29,000 at 16–20 weeks—and one per 11,000 at 21 weeks or later.[12]”

(Source:… )

Other facts:

“A first trimester abortion has less than a 0.05% chance of major medical complications.

Abortions do not cause infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, or any other issues related to healthy conception.

Abortion does not cause cancer.”

(Sources:………… )

Seriously, abortion is like every other medical procedure, it carries a few risks and sometimes, death to the few however, that does not mean it should be illegal. Having open heart surgery can increase chest infection, cause heart attack or stroke, cause a blood clot etc etc, the risks go on but, you don’t see me against it, nor do you see me against other medical procedures that are more dangerous.

(Source:… )

Also, abortion does not cause mental health problems. But you know what can cause major mental and physical side effects?

PREGNANCY. Here’s a short list for ya:

    ·         Hyperemesis gravidarum 

    ·         Postpartum depression

    ·         Anemia

    ·         Gestational diabetes

    ·         High blood pressure

    ·         Placental previa

    ·         Cytomegalovirus

    ·         Yeast infection

    ·         Ecclampsia

(Sources and longer lists:……… )

Childbirth is dangerous. In fact, it’s more dangerous than getting an abortion.

“Researchers found that women were about 14 times more likely to die during or after giving birth to a live baby than to die from complications of an abortion.

Dr. Elizabeth Raymond from Gynuity Health Projects in New York City and Dr. David Grimes of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, found that between 1998 and 2005, one woman died during childbirth for every 11,000 or so babies born.

That compared to one woman of every 167,000 who died from a legal abortion.

The researchers also cited a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that, from 1998 to 2001, the most common complications associated with pregnancy -- including high blood pressure, urinary tract infections and mental health conditions -- happened more often in women who had a live birth than those who got an abortion.”

(Source:… )

But, once again. You do not see me opposing childbirth because it can cause side effects.

“the excuses of wanting abortion irresponsible and irritating”

Uhm. How so? :/ Pretty sure that people wanting to get an abortion because: they have physical or mental health problems, they were raped, they are being abused by their partner, their contraception failed, they are in a financial crises, they are still in school, they are too old or too young are all valid reasons. Often, it’s more than one of these reasons.

“You speak of rights.  What about women's health?”

May I remind you that people who get pregnant do not always identify as a woman. Also, look at the paragraph above about pregnancy and childbirth. I care a lot about people’s health which is why I post actual facts and support whatever decision they choose. You know why? Because not everyone is up to giving up 9 months of their life and give birth to something they maybe didn’t even want in the first place. Furthermore, those 9 months could be extremely vital for those still in education as they cannot always attend school or college due to the effects of the pregnancy. If at some point in the 9 months the pregnant person has exams going on, they might not be able to do them. This will make it extremely difficult to get a job as they can come out with either no or poor qualifications. This also means that they cannot properly pay for the care and needs of themselves, the child and any other family members resulting in more poverty.

T0m1n8or Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Apologies for my lack of attention on the sources in the website.  However, I should say the same for your sources.  Wikipedia's information can be changed by anyone.  You can make up bizarre information and call it fact on Wikipedia.  To wit: There is a Wikipedia website page about Jesus Christ being buried in Japan,…, Which is why colleges forbid the use of Wikipedia as an academic source.  On a side note, it said "alleged"  Why aren't there any archaeologists looking that up?  The information from Reuters have no medical basis and only has one source to back it.  This doctor found that.  HOW?  It doesn't say.  Even people commenting in reuters found it unlikely.  They find the information there as an apology to bring out more abortions for all. also stated "Most women will have normal pregnancies with no complications whatsoever."  However, also has no sources to back it up.  So, what does it know about pregnancy?  You said "actual facts"... You and I are not perfect on acquiring "actual facts"., fine, but it has nothing to do with pregnancy.  Concerning .gov websites, the ones you provided are ok, but you didn't mention anything about the helpful tips about said side effects.

"Childbirth is dangerous. In fact, it’s more dangerous than getting an abortion."

So... My mother could've been dead after giving birth to 7 children?  Or my sister who gave birth to 5 children?  Or my neighbor who gave birth to 9 children?  I find that very false, as it is self-evident to those around me.

"Honestly, very few women die from an abortion."

And 55 million babies in America, some or most of whom are women, have been killed through abortion.  And you say we are committing misogyny everywhere.  If you don't believe that the child in the womb is a child at all, then find Dr. Kermit Gosnell on the internet, guilty of killing three babies while alive during an abortion procedure.  Here, I'm going to post an example from the Atlantic article to give you some details and why it never made it to front page news…

"Abortion does not cause mental problems"

And you know this... how?  Again, the sources you provided does not cover it.  You only covered on how pregnancy can create mental problems.  You did not counter my argument against abortion causing mental problems.

"This also means that they cannot properly pay for the care and needs of themselves, the child and any other family members resulting in more poverty."

That doesn't mean they don't have friends or family to help them keep themselves afloat, as proof in the MTV reality show "Teen Moms".  You are right that poverty will most likely happen to pregnant teens in school because they dropped out, but abortion is not the answer to everyone's problems to poverty.  In fact, it could lead to the medical or the mental problems I described earlier.  When it comes to pregnancy and school, teens should seek help from someone, regardless of refusal.  If parents are more involved with their children, the likelihood of teens getting pregnant would be low.  Teens should be warned about the consequences of sex and pregnancy.  If parents refuse to help, they can keep seeking help from other people: friends, charity organizations, etc.  If this were to be brought to light more often in the media, think of how much attention this issue would get and how it could help with teaching teens about teen pregnancy.
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